Donn Dumhach

Irish - God of cattle, crops, the dead and shipwrecks. King of the Otherworld. Son of Mider. Father of Taise. He was the ancestor of the Celtic races who lived on the island of Tech Duinn and gave instructions to the souls of the dead on how to reach the Otherworld. He was often described as a phantom rider in the sky, and in one story, wanting his horse reshod, he pulled off the animal's leg and replaced it after the smith had fixed a new shoe. Also commonly called Donn Dumhach, Dark One, The, Dark One, The, Hymir, Krishna, Tawiscara, Donn Duimhche, Donn Duimhche, Donn Dumhaighne, Donn Dumhaighne, Donn Firinne, Donn Firinne, Donn na Duimhche, Donn na Duimhche, Duach, Duach, 'the dark', 'brown', 'brown', Donn (na) Duimhche, Donn (na) Duimhche, The Dark One, The Dark One, Duach or Duach.

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