Russian - A male house spirit. A type of karlik. Husband of Domovikha. He was expelled from heaven by Svarog and fell down a chimney. He is said to live near the fire or on the threshold of the house and to ensure prosperity. If not properly propitiated he may burn the house down. He is envisaged as a grey-bearded old man. Occasionally referred to as Domovik, Domovoi, Domovoi, Domovoy, Domovoy, Dedek, Diko, Korka-guzo, Korka-guzo, Korka-murt, Korka-murt, Majahaldas, Majahaldas, Majas Gars, Majas Gars, Majasgars, Majasgars, Susetka, Susetka, Tsmok, Tsmok, Korka-kuzo, Korka-kuzo, Korkamurt, Korkamurt, Lithuanian Kaukas, Lithuanian Kaukas, Polish Iskrychi, Polish Iskrychi, Bannik, Bannik, Chlevnik, Chlevnik, Chlvnik, chlvnik, Dvinnik or Dvinnik.

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