General - Foretelling the future: locating. Hidden things using supernatural. Power. Cultures all over the world have their own versions, with various methods used by their own particular type of prophet, be he medicine man, shaman, witch doctor or just a plain charlatan. Some of the forms of divination and the objects on which the forecasts are made include: aerial apparitions chaomancy agate on hot axe axinomancy air aeromancy animal droppings spatalomancy spatilomancy animals theriomancy.zoomancy appearance schematomany arrows bel(in)omancy ashes ceneromancy.spodomancy tephramancy.tephromancy atmospheric phenomena aeromancy axe heads axinomancy Bible readings bibliomancy birds ornithomancy.ornithoscopy black art necromancy.nigromancy blood h(a)ematomancy blowing (out candles) pneumancy bones ossomancy.osteomancy books bibliomancy bran aleuromancy brass vessels chalcomancy breast bones sternomancy bumps on the head phrenology burning: ass heads cephaleonomancy cephalomany coals anthracomancy incense knissomancy.libanomancy straw sideromancy wax ceromancy candles lampadomancy cards cartomancy casting lots sortilege cat (jumping) ailuromancy cauls amniomancy cheese tyromancy Chinese book of diagrams I Ching clouds chaomancy cockerels alect oromancy alectr(y)omancy communication with the dead necromancy.nigromancy psychomancy.sciomancy contact with object psychometry copper vessels chalcomancy corn crithomancy.krithomancy counting matheomancy crystal ball astragalomancy cleromancy.crystal-gazing fortune telling.gastromancy scrying.spheromancy crystals crystallomancy cups scyphomancy demons demonomancy dice cubomancy divine inspiration theomancy dough crithomancy.krithomancy dreams oneiromancy oneiroscopy dripping blood driromancy dust amathomanacy earth geomancy eggs oomancy elements stereomancy entrails of: animals extispicy haruspication.hieromancy dead humans anthropomancy evil spirits black art black magic.sorcery face metopomancy faeces scatomany favourable times chronomancy feet pedomancy.podomancy figs sycomancy figures drawn in earth geomancy fingernails onimancy ony(cho)mancy finger rings dactyl(i)omancy fire (em)pyromancy fish ichthyomancy flames (of torch) lampadomancy flight of birds augury.auspice ornithomancy flour aleuromancy flowers anthomancy footprint ichnomancy forehead metopomancy form schematomancy fountains pegomancy ghosts sciomancy grain crithomancy.krithomancy hands ch(e)irognomy ch(e)iromancy.palmistry handwriting graphomancy gratomancy heavens (o)uranomancy hopping of birds while feeding tripudium horses (neighing) hippomancy hot metal sideromancy human: disposition psychomancy entrails anthropomancy icons iconomancy idols idolomancy images idolomancy joining dots geomancy keys cl(e)idomancy kidneys nephomancy knives macharomancy knots in umbilical cord omphalomancy knucklebones astragalomancy lamps lampadomancy lychnomancy land forms geomancy large glasses gastromancy largest object macromancy laurel daphnomancy leaves phyllomancy letters of names onomancy lightning ceraunoscopy meteoromancy lines on: forehead metascopy hand ch(e)irognomy ch(e)iromancy.palmistry liver hepatoscopy logarithms logarith(o)mancy lot cleromancy.kleromancy lying behind waterfall on a hide taghairm marks on torso: breast sternomancy stomach gastromancy meal strewn over victims of sacrifice crithomancy mimicry sympathetic magic mirrors catoptromancy enoptromancy.katoptromancy moon selenomancy motions of axe axinomancy movements of: animals theriomancy.zoomancy mice myomancy names onomancy natural forces magic.sorcery witchcraft navel omphalomancy no evil spirits white magic numbers arith(o)mancy.numerology nursing baby mazomancy objects: burnt in sacrifice empyromancy used in sacrifice hieromancy hieroscopy observation of animals zoomancy onions cromnyomancy oracles theomancy paper (rolling) papyromancy patterns in dust geomancy pebbles (tossed) pessomancy pendulum dowsing rhabdomancy physical contact psychometry planets astrology.astromancy horoscope plants botanomancy playing cards cartomancy pointed objects aichomancy raising of the dead anthropomancy random: lines of verse stichomancy opening of the bible, etc. bibliomancy.sortes samples of poetry rhapsodomancy reflections in the surface of: dishes lecanomancy oil elaeomancy rods rhabdomancy.xylomancy sacred things hieromancy salt (h)alomancy scraps dropped by feeding birds tripudium scriptures theomancy secret methods cryptomancy seeds in dung stercomancy shape of facial features physiognomy sharp objects aichomancy shells conchomancy shields aspidomancy shoulder blades scapulimancy scapulomancy shoulders of beasts armomancy sieve (and shears) coscinomancy koskinomancy sky (o)uranomancy sleep mecanomancy smallest object micromancy smoke capnomancy.kapnomancy snakes ophiomancy soles of feet pedomancy.podomancy soul psychomancy spirits of the dead necromancy necyomancy.nigromancy sciomancy splits in burning shoulder-blades omoplatoscopy spots maculomancy springs pegomancy stars astrology.astromancy horoscope.sideromancy stomach noises gastromancy stones lithomancy drawn from vessel psephomancy strangers xenomancy swords macharomancy tea leaves foliomancy teeth odontomancy things: dug up oryctomancy seen over the shoulder retromancy thunder brontomancy thunderbolts ceraunomancy tongue hyomancy transparent bodies crystallomancy twigs dowsing.rhabdomancy xylomancy twitching spasmatomancy undisclosed methods cryptomancy urine urimancy.ur(in)omancy valentines cartomancy visions clairvoyance walking ambulomancy in a circle and falling from giddiness gyromancy watching animals zoomancy water hidromancy.hydromancy in basins lecanomancy wax dropping into water ceromancy weights zygomancy wheel tracks trochomancy wine (lees) oenomancy.oinomancy wooden rods rhabdomancy xylomancy word of god theomancy words logomancy writing cartomancy zodiac astrology.horoscope False divination is known as pseudomancy, foolish divination as moromancy. Sometimes identified as divination, lot, lot, mantology, mantology, sortilege, sortilege, sortilegy, `, `, bokusen, bokusen, futomani, mi-kayu-ura, o-bisha, o-mikuji or yabusame.

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