Hindu - A goddess. Daughter of Daksha. Wife of Kashyapa or Rudra. Mother of Andhaka, the Daityas and the Maruts. Diti planned to have a son who would kill Indra, but just before her 100 year pregnancy came to an end, Indra flung one of his thunderbolts and split the embryo into pieces (seven, eleven, forty-nine or sixty), which became the Maruts. Her sons, the Daityas, were banished to the underworld by Indra. Others say that Parvati persuaded Shiva to return the shattered embryo to life. In some references, identified as Diti, Aditi, Aditi, Deva-matri, Devaki, 'free', 'infinity', Didi, Didi, Prisni, Prisni, Prasni, Prithivi, Prsni, Pr(a)sni or 'speckled'.

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