Hindu - A guardian deity. Each of these eight deities guards one of the eight points of the compass in the form of, or with the help of, an elephant. They are listed as Agni (south-east), Indra (east), Kubera or Agni (north), Shiva or Soma (northeast), Surya (south-west), Vayu (northwest), Varuna (west) and Yama (south). Another version lists Kubera (north), Virudhaka (south), Dhritarashtra (east) and Virupaksha (west). Other lists, giving the name of the elephants or the deities as elephants, have Airavata, Anjana, Kumuda, Pundarika, Pushpadanta, Supratika Suryabhauma and Vamana. Sometimes identified as Dikpala, Dig-Gaja, Dig-Gaja, Lokapala, Lokapala, Loka Pala, Loka Pala, Lokapala, Cambodian Lukabal, Cambodian Lukabal, Four Kings, Four Kings, Caturmaharajas, Hindu Dikpalas or Dikpalas.

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