Greek - A sorceress. Founder and queen of Carthage. Daughter of Belus or Mutto. Sister of Anna and Pygmalion. Wife of Sychaeus. Her real name was Elissa; she was called Dido after leaving Tyre. Her husband was Sychaeus, the wealthy king of Tyre, (or, in some accounts, her uncle Acherbas) who was killed by her brother Pygmalion. She fled to Libya with much of her husband's wealth and there she bargained with the king, Iarbas, for a piece of land on which to build a new home, buying an area which could be covered by the hide of an ox. By cutting the hide into thin strips she was able to enclose a very substantial area. Within it, she built the city of Carthage. When Aeneas and his crew landed in North Africa when their ship was blown off course, Dido fell in love with him and kept him in luxury. Eventually he forced himself and his crew to leave to seek their destiny in Italy, whereupon Dido immolated herself, though some say that it was her sister Anna who died on the pyre for love of Aeneas. Another story says that Dido killed herself to escape marriage to the neighbouring king, Iarbas. She became identified with Tanit, guardian of Carthage. Also referred to as Dido, Didon, Didon, Didone, Didone, Tanit, Tanit, Hathor, Rat-Tanit, Tanith, Tenit, Thinit, Tinnit, Thinnit, Egyptian Hathor, Phoenician Astarte, Roman (Juno) Caelestis, 'brave one', 'brave one', Didon(e), Didon(e), Elissa or Elissa.

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