Diarmaid mac Cearbhaill

Irish - A high-king of Ireland. Son of Fergus Cearbhaill. Husband of Maireann and Mughain. Father of Aedh Slaine and Breasel. He disputed the right to the throne with a cousin, Tuathal Maolgarbh, and the latter won, but a druid prophesied that Diarmaid would become king. One of Diarmaid's men, Maol Mor, killed Tuathall, but was himself killed. Diarmaid then took the throne. When he wanted to take over the land of Flann Fionna so that he could give it to St Ciaran for a monastery, he set Flann's house on fire and killed him. He drowned his own son, Breasal, for stealing a cow but regretted the deed, and the hermit Beagan restored Breasal to life. He was defeated by the forces of Connaught at the Battle of Cuil Dreimhe. It had been forecast that his fosterson, Aedh Dubh, would be involved in his death, which would be due to drowning, burning and wounding. Aedh ran the king through with a spear and the king drowned in a vat of ale as he tried to escape the flames of a burning building. On occassion, identified as Diarmaid mac Cearbhaill, Diarmait mac Cearbheoil, Diarmait mac Cearbheoil, Diarmuid, Diarmuid, Diarmaid, Diarmaid, Diarmaid, Diarmaid mac Aodha Slaine, Dermot or Diarmaid.

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