Diarmaid mac Aodha Slaine

Irish - A high-king of Ireland. Husband of Bec Fola. Brother of Blathmhac. He and his brother, who were joint rulers, sheltered Cano when he came to Ireland to escape from Aodan, who had killed Gartnan, Cano's father. In some accounts he was father of Conall Dunchadh and Maolodhar. His wife went to the Otherworld with Flann and he never saw her again. Sometimes referred to as Diarmaid mac Aodha Slaine, Diarmait, Diarmait, Dermot O'Dyna, Diarmaid, Diarmaid, Diarmaid, Dermot, Diarmaid, Diarmuid, Diarmuid, Diarmaid, Diarmaid, Diarmaid or Diarmaid mac Cearbhaill.

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