Dian Cecht

Irish - God of medicine. Son of the Dagda, some say. Father of Airmid, Cethe, Cian, Etan and Miach. Grandfather of Lugh. He had a magic spring or well, Slane, in which he could restore wounded and dead warriors. He replaced the eye of the god Mider when it was knocked out, and it was he who made the silver hand for Nuada when his real hand was cut off in the first Battle of Moytura. He was said to have killed his son Miach, being jealous of his healing powers. He killed Mechi, son of Morrigan, who had been born with three hearts, each containing a serpent. He killed two of these but the third escaped. It grew to an enormous size but was eventually killed by Dian Cecht. Sometimes called Dian Cecht, Dian Ceacht, Dian Ceacht, Diancecht, Diancecht, Dianchech, Dianchech, Dianchecht, Dianchecht, Dianchech(t) or Dianchech(t).

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