Hindu - Physician to the gods. He was the second thing to emerge from the water when the gods churned the ocean to make amrita. He is described as a black youth holding a cup of amrita. He was later a physician to the gods. In later traditions he is seen as an avatar of Vishnu. Some accounts equate him with Pradyumna. In some references, referred to as Dhanvantari, Danwantari, Danwantari, Dhanwantari, Dhanwantari, Divine Doctor, Divine Doctor, Kantatman, Kantatman, Pradyumna, Pradyumna, Kama, Vishnu, Sudhapani, Sudhapani, D(h)anwantari, D(h)anwantari, Divine Doctor Kantatman or Divine Doctor Kantatman.

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