Hindu - Daughter of Shukra. Wife of Yayati. Mother of Turvasu and Yadu. She fell in love with Kacha, cursed him when he rejected her and was cursed in return with the threat of marrying a man of low caste. She quarrelled with Princess Sarnustha who threw Devayani down a well from which she was rescued by a king called Yayati, whom she married. Sarnustha was forced to work as a servant to Devayani but Yayati had an affair with her, fathering three sons. Devayani left her husband, who drew down her father's curse upon himself. In another story the Aswins killed Kacha but Devayani persuaded her father to restore him to life. This was repeated several times until the demons burned Kacha's body and mixed his ashes with her father's wine. This time, Kacha was restored in her father's stomach from where he was delivered by a surgeon. Since he was now Devayani's 'brother', she could not marry him. Also commonly referred to as Devayani.

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