Hindu - A mother goddess. Daughter of Devaka. Sister of Kansa. A consort of Vasudeva. Mother of Balarama and Krishna. Devaki had eight sons but six were killed by her brother, who believed that the eighth would kill him. Two were saved when Vishnu impregnated her with two hairs from his head and later transferred the unborn babies, Balarama to Rohini and Krishna to Yasoda, to be delivered at full term. In some versions the black hair was from Vishnu's own head, the white one from Ananta. Others say that Krishna was born to Devaki and the exchange with Yasoda's child took place after, rather than before, his birth. She died when she threw herself on the funeral pyre of Krishna. She is regarded as a manifestation of Aditi. In some accounts, referred to as Devaki, Aditi, Aditi, Diti, Deva-matri, 'free' or 'infinity'.

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