Buddhist - A cousin of the Buddha. He was originally a great friend of the Buddha but later became his bitter enemy. He contested with the Buddha for the hand of Yasodhara in a series of events that involved skill and strength, and was defeated. He usurped the Buddha's throne and made several attempts to kill him, all of which were unsuccessful. He paid a group of warriors to kill his cousin but they were converted to peace when they heard their intended victim preaching. He also had a huge catapult constructed and used it to throw a boulder at the Buddha, but was again frustrated when Vahjrapani hurled a thunderbolt that smashed the stone to smithereens. On another occasion he put poison on his feet and tried to kill his cousin by scratching him with his toe nails. When Devadatta tried to kill the Buddha, the earth opened, swallowing him and he was consigned to hell. Occasionally called Devadatta.
Hindu - A conch shell used by Indra as a weapon. Sometimes known as Devadatta.

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