Dermot O'Dyna

Irish - A follower of Finn mac Cool. Son of Donn. Father of Eachtach, some say. His mother had another son by Roc, the steward to Angus Og, and Donn killed the boy. His father magically changed the corpse into a huge boar with no ears or tail, and charged it to avenge the death of his son by killing Dermot who had been given to Angus to raise. As a man, Dermot joined the Fianna and sailed with Finn in the search for their comrades who had disappeared when Gilla Dacar and his horse plunged into the sea. They stopped at an island with steep cliffs, which Dermot climbed to find a delightful land with no inhabitants. He took a drink from a well in the forest and found himself challenged by the Knight of the Well. They fought for two days (or three) and at the end of each day the knight jumped into the well. On the third (or fourth) day, Dermot grabbed him to prevent him doing the same again but they both fell into the well. Dermot found himself in fairyland, Tir fa Tonn, where his missing comrades had been taken by Gilla Dacar who was a prince of this land under the sea and whose name was Abharthach. He had lured Finn and his men to his country to help in his fight against his brother who had deprived the prince of his half-share of the kingdom. He was one of the party of nine men, led by Goll mac Morna, that recovered Finn's hounds, Bran and Sceolan, when they were stolen by Arthur. In the adventure of the Hostel of the Quicken Trees, Dermot led a small relief force, killing Midac who had trapped Finn and some of his men. He and Fotla then held the ford against the onslaught of the three kings of the Islands of the Torrent and killed them all. By sprinkling blood from the heads of these kings on the floor of the hostel, he was able to free Finn and his companions from the enchantment that had held them prisoners there. In the final attack, led by Borba, Dermot and Fotla held the fort until Finn and the others were sufficiently recovered to join the fight and repel the invaders. In an earlier adventure, a maiden who claimed to be 'Youth' had placed an indelible love-spot, the ball-seirc, on his forehead which made him attractive to all women. At the wedding of Finn to Grania, the bride noticed the spot and asked what it signified. When the druid Dara told her, she drugged the drinks of the guests and eloped with Dermot. Finn and his Fianna hunted the couple all over the country and on one occasion surrounded the enclosure that Dermot had built in the Wood of Two Tents. Angus Og, his foster-father, flew to their aid and took Grania to safety in the Wood of Two Swallows. Dermot escaped by his own efforts and when he was reunited with Grania, they moved on to the Forest of Dooros, where they lived for some time. Grania developed a longing for the magic berries that grew on the quicken tree guarded by Sharvan. When this surly giant refused a request for some of the berries, Dermot killed him. They were then trapped in the quicken tree by Finn and the Fianna but once again Angus Og rescued Grania and took her to the Palace of the Boyne. Dermot again escaped and was joined by Oscar, Finn's grandson. Finn made a final effort to kill Dermot by enlisting the help of his foster-mother, a witch, but Dermot killed her as she rode on a millstone over his head. They were outlawed for seven (or sixteen) years but finally made peace with Finn. During the celebrations, Finn went hunting on Ben Bulben and raised a huge boar which turned out to be the one charged to kill Dermot. Dermot killed the boar, even as it disembowelled him, but not even the magic of Finn, who could restore the dying with a drink of water from his hands, could save him. Angus Og took the body to his palace and put a new soul into it each day, allowing it to revive for a few minutes to talk to Angus. Some versions say that Dermot died when a bristle from the boar pierced his foot and that Finn, still seeking revenge for Dermot's elopement with Grania, refused him the drink which would have saved his life. In some references, known as Dermot O'Dyna, Dearmid O'Dyna, Dearmid O'Dyna, Diarmaid, Diarmaid, Diarmaid Donn, Diarmaid Donn, Diarmaid ua Duibhne, Diarmaid ua Duibhne, Diarmait, Diarmait, Diarmaid, Diarmaid, Diarmaid, Diarmaid mac Aodha Slaine, Dermot, Diarmuid Na Duibhne or Diarmuid Na Duibhne.

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