Greek - An ancient corn goddess. She was later assimilated with Demeter, though in some accounts she is identified with Rhea. She is depicted with the head of a horse. Occasionally called Deo, Demeter, Demeter, Amphictyonis, Da-Meter, Damater, Deo, Doso, Good Goddess, Grain Mother, Hermione, Isis, Mangata, Mother Da, Thesmophorus, Three Eponae, Achaiva, Black Demeter, Chloe, Da-meter, Epona, Erinys, Ga Metre, Ge Metre Gemeter, Hermione, Mother Earth, Thesmorphorus, White Goddess, Egyptian Isis, Italic Damatar, Phrygian Cybele, Roman Ceres or Dea Dia.

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