Irish - A dawn goddess. Daughter of Felim mac Dall. When she cried out in her mother's womb it was foretold by Cathbad that she would wed a foreign king who would bring sorrow to Ireland, so High-King Conor reared her himself, with Lavarcham for nurse, with a view to making her his wife when she was old enough. She preferred a younger man and ran away with Naisi. The king gave them safe conduct to return but then had Naisi and his brothers killed by Eoghan mac Durthacht and he forcibly married Deirdre. She refused even to speak to him and after a year he gave her to Eoghan, whom she hated. She killed herself by throwing herself from a chariot and smashing her head against rocks. The tree that grew over her grave became entwined with the one that grew over Naisi's grave and they could never be separated. A different version says that Deirdre threw herself into Naisa's grave, kissed his dead lips and died with him. Also called Deirdre, Darrathray, Darrathray, Darthray, Darthray, Deirdra, Deirdra, Deirdre, Deirdriu, Deirdriu, Derdriu, Derdriu, Ide, Ide, Ite, Mide or Mo-Ide.

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