Greek - Daughter of Oeneus and Althaea. Second wife of Heracles. Mother of Glenus, Hodites, Hyllus and Macaria. She was won by Heracles in a contest with Achelous, who took the form of a bull to fight for her hand. When Nessus the Centaur tried to rape her and was shot by Heracles, she collected his semen and blood mixed with olive oil, in a jar to be used, according to Nessus, as a love potion. When she feared that she might lose Heracles to Iole, she smeared the mixture on the shirt she sent to him at Oechalia, so condemning him to an agonising death. When she found out what she had done she killed herself. In some lore, occasionally referred to as Deianeira, Deianira, Deianira, Dejanira or Dejanira.

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