General - A fleet-footed animal, usually with antlers.
  1. Buddhists believe that the Buddha was born in the form of a deer.
  2. In China, the deer (lu) is a symbol of longevity and is said to be the only animal that can find the fungus that confers immortality. It turns blue when it is 1,000 years old, white at 1,500 and black at 2,000. Any person eating the flesh of such a deer will live to the same age.
  3. The Greeks regarded the deer as sacred to Aphrodite, Apollo, Artemis, Athene and Hercules.
  4. In Irish lore Oisin was born to the mortal Saba who was then in the form of a deer and would himself have been a deer had she licked him at birth as a female deer would.
  5. In Japan the deer is associated with Jurojin, a god of longevity.
  6. In Mexico brown deer represent the god of the north and drought, white deer the god of the east and rain.
  7. Identified as deer, Lu, Lu, ch'i-lin, stag, stag, also stag or also stag.

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