Irish - A moon goddess. Daughter of Cathbad and Maga. Daughter or sister of Conan mac Nessa, some say. Wife of Sualtam mac Roth. Mother of Cuchulainn. In some versions Lugh is said to have impregnated Dectera when he flew into her mouth in the form of a may fly and that she gave her son as a gift to Ulster. Another version says that a fly flew into her cup and, falling into a trance, she was transported to the Otherworld where she was seduced by Lugh. Others say that, on the night of her wedding, she and her fifty attendants were changed into birds by Lugh and carried off. When they later returned she persuaded her husband, an Ulster chieftain, to accept her son by Lugh as his own son. The boy, called Setanta, was later to be known as Cuchulainn. In some accounts her own brother, Conor mac Nessa, was the father of Cuchulainn. Also commonly known as Dectera, Dechtere, Dechtere, Dechtire, Dechtire, Dectere, Dectere, Deichtine, Deichtine, Dec(h)tere or Dec(h)tere.

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