Irish - Daughter of a king of Norway. She came to Cuchulainn in the form of a swan but then returned to her human form. Cuchulainn rejected her and gave her to Lugaid Riabhdhearg. When her husband was away, she was attacked and mutilated by a large group of jealous women. Another version says that her father handed her to the Fomoire in lieu of a tribute he was due to pay but she was rescued by Cuchulainn with whom she fell in love. He rejected her love and gave her to Lugaid, son of Curoi. Hurt by this slight, she changed into a bird that Cuchulainn brought down with a sling shot. He sucked her wound to heal it when she regained her human form and, in so doing, became her blood-brother. In some lore, occasionally referred to as Dearbhfhorgaill, Derbhorgill, Derbhorgill, Devorgilla, Devorgilla or Deabhfhorgaill.

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