Irish - A Leinster saint. Son of Earc mac Trein and Deithin. He was fostered with his uncle, Dobhran, and taught by the hermit Diomna until he went to Rome and was made a bishop. He entrusted a bell, which appeared as if from heaven, to his friend Runan who came back with him to Ireland in a ship that miraculously appeared. When Runan left the bell on a rock, the rock itself floated out to sea and led them to an island, which was given to them for a monastery. By striking the sea with his staff, Deaglan caused the sea to disappear, leaving his monastery attached to the mainland of Ireland. He is said to have restored the dead to life, banished plagues and caused an enemy fleet to sink. At times, called Deaglan, Declan, Declan or Dealgan.

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