Hindu - King of Ayodhya. Son of Aja and Indumati. Husband of Kaikeyi, Kausalya and Su-Mitra. Father of Bharata by Kaikeya. Father of Lakshmana and Shatrughna. By Su-Mitra. Father of Rama by Kausalya. He was childless and made the horse sacrifice, the asvamedha, to be granted children. Vishnu appeared with a vial of nectar and gave half to Kausalya and a quarter to each of the other wives, Kaikeyi and Su-Mitra, becoming incarnate in the form of four sons, Bharata, Lakshmana, Rama and Shatrughna. In one story he was thrown out of heaven by Shani, but Jatayu caught him and saved him from death. Also commonly identified as Dasha-ratha, Dasaratha, Dasaratha, Dasharatha, Dasharatha, Dassaratha, Dassaratha, Das(h)aratha, Das(h)aratha, Javanese Dasarata or Javanese Dasarata.

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