Greek - Daughter of Acrisius and Aganippe. Wife of Pilumnus. Mother of Daunus by Pilumnus. Mother of Perseus by Zeus. Acrisius had been warned that a son of Danae would kill him so he locked her in a chamber made of bronze. This did not prevent Zeus visiting her in the form of a shower of gold or golden rain to produce a son who was called Perseus. Her father put her and her son in a chest and cast them adrift in the sea, from where they were rescued by a fisherman, Dictys, on the island of Seriphos. When she later refused to marry Polydectes, brother of Dictys and the ruler of the island, he hounded her. Perseus found her hiding with Dictys and took her back to Greece. In some accounts she later went to Italy and founded Ardea. One of her grandsons was Turnus, opponent of Aeneas. Some say her mother was Eurydice. Sometimes identified as Danae.

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