Irish - A legendary tribe of invaders. The Danaans were descendants of the earlier invaders led by Nemed. It was said that they came by sea to settle in Ireland and burnt their boats so that they could never leave. They fought the Fir Bolg and won; in some accounts they expelled the Fir Bolg, in others they made peace and confined them to Connaught. Some say this was the first Battle of Moytura. They were opposed by the indigenous Fomoire and defeated them in the second Battle of Moytura. Some say that both the battles at Moytura were against the Fomoire. When they were later overcome by the invading Milesians at the Battle of Tailltinn, they retreated to the underground world of the fairies. They were said to have originated in Falias, Finias, Gorias and Murias, seats of knowledge and craftsmanship, and in some stories came to Ireland borne on a magic cloud. In some lore, occasionally identified as Danaans, Children of Dana, Children of Dana, Children of Don, Children of Don, Children of the Light, Children of the Light, De Danann, De Danann, Divine People, Divine People, Supernatural People, Fairy Kind, Fairy Kind, Lordly People, Lordly People, People of Dana, People of Dana, Proud Ones, Proud Ones, Tuatha de Danann, Tuatha de Danann, Tuatha Dea, Tuatha Dea, Feini, Feini or Fianna.

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