Hindu - One of the 12 Paramita goddesses, charity. Sometimes referred to as Dana, Danu, Danu or Kabhanda.
Irish - A supreme goddess and water goddess. Mother of MacCecht, MacCuill and MacGrene. Mother of Brian, Iuchar and Iucharba, some say. Mother of Ecne and Nuada, some say. In some accounts she was the wife of Bile while some say she was the mother of the Dagda, others his daughter Brigit. Some accounts have her as the daughter of Delbaeth. When her people, the Danaans, were defeated by the Milesians she found them homes underground. Other accounts refer to her descendants as Feini and claim that they were the first settlers in Ireland. In some versions, she (not Brigit) was the mother of the children of Turenn and in others she became masculinised as Don or Donnus. In some accounts she is identified with Morrigan. Others say that she was an ancestor of Black Annis. Also commonly referred to as Dana, Danu, Danu or Kabhanda.

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