Dan Ayido Hwedo

African - A divine python of the Fon. Husband of Ayida. He was made by Mawu and carried him on his journeys when Mawu created the earth. The python's excreta was used to make the mountains. When the work was complete he coiled himself in the sea beneath the earth to support it. If he moves there is an earthquake. When he has eaten all the iron bars in the sea, he will start to eat himself, starting at the tail, and then the earth will fall into the sea from lack of support. In some accounts, he has 3,500 coils above the earth and 3,500 below, holding it safe. One of his arched coils is seen as the rainbow. Also identified as Dan Ayido Hwedo, Aido Hwedo, Aido Hwedo, Aido Wedo, Aido Wedo, Da, Da, Da Aido-Hwedo, Da Aido-Hwedo, Rainbow Snake, Rainbow Snake, Great Rainbow Snake, Kunmanggur, Mbumba Luangu, rainbow, Rainbow Serpent, snake, Yurlungur, Great Father, Dji, (Da) Aida Hwedo, (Da) Aida Hwedo, Haitian Damballah Wedo, Haitian Damballah Wedo, Yoruba Oshunmare, Yoruba Oshunmare, Damballah Wedo, Dangbe, Dangbe or Dagowe.

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