Hindu - Daughter of King Bhima. Wife of Nala. Mother of Indrasena and Indraseni. She fell in love with King Nala and they exchanged messages through a speaking flamingo. She chose her husband, despite the fact that he was flanked by four gods who took his form, recognising the gods by their unblinking eyes and the absence of perspiration. The demon Kali caused Nala to become a compulsive gambler, losing his kingdom and leaving his wife. She wandered far and wide, finally caming to the court of King Subahu where she became an attendant of king's daughter, Sunanda. She was found by Sudeva, a counsellor to her father King Bhima, and was reunited with her family. Another counsellor, Parnada, found Nala working as charioteer to King Rituparna, and husband and wife were reunited. Occasionally called Damayanti.

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