British - Brother of Ontzlake. He cheated his brother out of his inheritance, refused to fight to settle the dispute and imprisoned any knight who might have acted as Ontzlake's champion, forcing him to fight Ontzlake. King Arthur, caught in a magic trap by Morgan, offered to fight for Damas. Unwittingly, he fought Accolan who acted for Ontzlake and who was armed with Excalibur, which Morgan had earlier stolen from Arthur. Arthur, though wounded, won the fight, killed Accolan, and ordered Damas to give Ontzlake his proper share. Occasionally referred to as Damas, Accolan of Gaul, Accolan of Gaul, Damas, Accolon, Arthur, Arthur, Artos, Flower of Kings, Riothamus, The Wart, Zitus, Ontzlake, also Artos, Rimmon, Rimmon, Damas, Ramman or Rimman.

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