Hindu - A sage, generator of gods. A sun god, one of the Adityas. Leader of the Prajapatis. Father of Devi, some say. Son of Brahma. Consort of Prasuti. He was born from the right thumb of Brahma and is said to be reborn in each generation. In his first appearance he had thousands of sons and twenty-four, twenty-six, twenty-seven, fifty or sixty daughters. One of these, Sati, married Shiva while the others became consorts of Dharma and Kashyapa. Others say that they all married Chandra as Soma. He also acted as creator, under the supervision of Brahma, making all animals, demons, gods and minor gods. When he forgot to include Shiva in a sacrifice, Shiva's wife Sati immolated herself and Shiva (as Virabhadra) wreaked havoc among the worshippers, cutting off Daksha's head which was then burnt. Shiva repented and Brahma (or in some stories, Shiva) revived Daksha, giving him the head of a goat or ram as a replacement. In some stories Rudra is quoted in place of Shiva. Pracheta and Marisha, he had twentyseven daughters, all of whom were consorts of the moon god, Chandra. In some accounts he is the same as Prajapati; others regard him as both father and son of Aditi. He is depicted as goat-headed. Sometimes referred to as Daksha, Daksa, Daksa, Prajapati, Prajapati, Angiras, Lord of Creation, Lord of Creatures, Lord of Progeny, Mriga, Pitri, Pitar, Purusha, Dhatri, Ka, Seven Rishis, Prajapati, Prajapati, 'brilliant', 'brilliant', Pracheta, Pracheta, Prachetas, Prachestas, 'skill', 'skill', Ka, Ka or Prajapati.

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