Irish - A king of Connaught. Son of Fiachra. Father of Ailill Molt. His father went to war with his own brother, Brian, for supremacy in Connaught, and was defeated at the Battle of Damhchluain where he was captured. In some accounts Daithi rallied his father's army and defeated Brian in a second battle. When Conall Gulban led an army against Ulster, Diathi fought alongside him and when Conall later subdued Connaught, he installed Daithi as king of that province. It was said that he led many expeditions of conquest overseas, including the defeat of Fearadhach Fionn, king of Scotland, and finally met his death in Switzerland where, as punishment for demolishing a tower built by Formenus of Thrace, he was struck by a thunderbolt. Sometimes identified as Daithi, Fearadhach, Fearadhach, Nath I or Nath I.

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