Japanese - A Shinto god of farmers and wealth. One of the 7 Shichi Fukujin. Father of Ebisu. He became so popular that the other gods plotted to get rid of him and sent the cunning Shiro, an oni, to deal with him. Shiro found Daikoku in a storehouse, but the god's faithful rat seized a bough of holly and drove Shiro away. He carries a hammer from which, it is said, money falls out when he shakes it. As a god of agriculture he is merged with Ta-No-Kami. He is depicted as a dark-skinned fat man sitting on two bales of rice or standing on the bales holding the Red Sun and his mallet. In some accounts he is identified with Okuni-nushi or Ta-no-kami. In some references, known as Daikoku, Daikoku Tea, Daikoku Tea, Daikokusana, Daikokusana, Okuni-Nushi, Okuninushi, Bika Daikoku, Bika Daikoku, MahakaDaikoku, MahakaDaikoku, Makura Daikoku, Makura Daikoku, Ojikara Daikoku, Ojikara Daikoku, Shinda Daikoku, Shinda Daikoku, Ta-no-kami, Ta-no-kami, Yasha Daikoku, Yasha Daikoku, Mahakara Daikoku, Hindu Mahakala, Hindu Mahakala, Shiva, Shiva, Akula, Ananatesa, Ananda, Bhava, Bhavishya, Linga, Lord of the Dance, sacred animals, Siva or Vishapaharana.

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