Dagda, The

Irish - God of life and death, the 'good god'. Chief of the Tuatha De Danann. Son of Eladu and Dana. Brother of Medar. Brother of Lugh and Ogma, some say. Father of Angus, Bodb, Brigit, Deara, Mider and Ogma. His family connections are confused: in some versions Brigit is his mother, in others his wife; others say she was one of his three daughters, all of the same name. Where his wife is not Brigit she is a woman with three names, Breng, Meabel and Meng. Some versions have Boann as his wife but she is more often the wife of Elcmar - seduced by Dagda to produce Angus - or of Nechtan. In some versions Bodb Dearg is also a son by Boann. Some say Morrigan was his consort, some say that he seduced her to enlist her help in the battle to come, the second Battle of Moytura. He owned a magical cauldron known as Undry, which was always full and used to satisfy his enormous appetite and which was also capable of restoring the dead to life. He owned a huge club that could kill nine men at one blow, but he could restore them to life with a touch of the other end of the weapon. When the Fomoire stole his harp he went to their hall and demanded its return. The harp flew from the wall where it had been hung, killed those who stole it and put the others to sleep with its music. When the Danaans were defeated by the Milesians and went to live underground as fairies, Dagda handed over the leadership to his son, Bodb Dearg. In some lore, occasionally referred to as Dagda, The, Aed(h), Aed(h), Maodhog, Dagd(a)e Daire, Dagd(a)e Daire, Daghd(h)a, Daghd(h)a, Daygide, Daygide, Dagda, Draidecht, Draidecht, Dugal the Brown, Dugal the Brown, (Eochaid) Ollathair, (Eochaid) Ollathair, Great God, Great God, Mahadeva, Reshpu, Mighty One, Mighty One, Sakhmet, Ruad Rof(h)essa, Ruad Rof(h)essa, Ruadh Ro-Fheasa, Ruadh Ro-Fheasa, Ros Ruadh, Ros Ruadh, Ross the Red, Ruad Rofessa, Gaulish Sucellos or Gaulish Sucellos.

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