Greek - Son of Eupalamus or Metion by Alcippe, Merope or Iphinoe. Father of Icarus. An architect and master craftsman, he was banished from Athens for the murder of Talos, his gifted apprentice and the son of his sister Polycaste. In Crete he constructed the model cow in which Pasiphae, the wife of Minos, was concealed when she mated with the white bull to produce the Minotaur. He then built the Labyrinth, the maze in which this monstrous creation was housed, and made magic thread, which he gave to Ariadne and which later made it possible for Theseus to find his way out of the maze after he had killed the Minotaur. Daedalus was locked up in this labyrinth by Minos for helping Pasiphae, but she helped him to escape with his son Icarus. They flew off on wings made by Daedalus from feathers and wax but Icarus, with the foolhardiness of youth, flew too near the sun, melting the wax in his wings. When he fell into the sea and drowned it was Daedalus who retrieved the body. (In another version, Pasiphae released them and they left Crete in a boat using the sail that Daedalus had invented.) He then flew on to Sicily where he was welcomed by the king, Cocalus. When Minos came in search of him, he recognised Daedalus when he solved the problem set by Minos, of passing a thread through a triton shell by tempting an ant through the coils of the shell with honey. He killed Minos with scalding water when he was in the bath. He is regarded as the inventor of the auger, the axe and the saw, and masts, sails and yards for ships. Also called Daedalus.

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