Slavic - A sun god and god of justice. Son of Svarog. Brother of Svarozic. Husband of Myesyats. Father of 2 daughters, the Zorya. He rode across the sky every day in a chariot drawn by twelve white horses or three made of precious metals. Some say that he was the progenitor of the Russian people. Sometimes called Dabog, Da Bog, Da Bog, Dadzbog, Dadzbog, Dajbog, Dajbog, Dajdbog Dajdbog, Dajdbog Dajdbog, Daybog, Daybog, Dazdbog, Dazdbog, Dazbog, Dazhbog, Dazhbog, Dazibogu, Dazibogu, Giving God, Giving God, Son of Svarog, Son of Svarog, Xursu Dazibogu, Xursu Dazibogu, Da-Bog, Da-Bog, Dajdbog, Dajdbog, Giving god, Giving god, (Xursu) Dazibogu, (Xursu) Dazibogu, Russian Dazbog or Russian Dazbog.

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