Tibetan - A prayer flag used as a charm. These paper flags come in four varieties. The smallest, the lung-rta, bears the figure of a horse and is hung on the roof of the house; the cho-pen is long and narrow, bears text only and is planted on hill tops; the gyal-ksan dsemo bears text and the Eight Glorious Symbols and is said to bring power and wealth; the ghan-po stobrgyas are the largest and are fixed to the wall of the house as a charm to drive away demons or to cure sadness. Also commonly identified as da-cha, cho-pen, cho-pen, cod-pan, Tibetan cod-pan, dar-Ich'og, dar-Ich'og, ghan-po slob-rgyas, ghan-po slob-rgyas, gLan-po stob-rgyas, gLan-po stob-rgyas, gyal-tsan dsemo, gyal-tsan dsemo, lung-rta, lung-rta, dar-lch'og or dar-lch'og.

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