Phrygian - A Phrygian mother-goddess. An earth-goddess. Originally, she was said to be hermaphrodite (Agdistis), a being born from the earth where the sperm of Zeus fell. The gods castrated this being, which became the goddess Cybele, while the severed members grew into an almond tree, the fruit of which impregnated Nana to produce Attis. The boy was abandoned but saved by shepherds and grew up to become Cybele's lover. When Attis fell in love with a nymph, Sagaritis, Cybele drove him mad so that he castrated himself and died. The Greeks say she was raped by Zeus and bore Agdistis. In another version she was the daughter of Meion, king of Phrygia, and Dindymene, abandoned and suckled by leopards. In this version Meion killed Attis and the baby he had fathered on Cybele but Cybele restored Attis to life. Others say that she married Iasion and bore a son, Corybas, while others say that she was the mother of Midas by Gordius. Her cult was brought back to Greece by the men returning from the Trojan War and was later adopted by the Romans who instituted a festival in her honour at which selfcastration took place. Later rites included bathing in the blood of sacrificed animals, the taurobolium. She is said to have intervened when Aeneas was attacked by Turnus and prevented him from setting fire to the Trojan fleet by causing the ships to turn into nymphs. Referred to as Cybele, Agdistis, Agdistis, Cybebe, Cybebe, Cybelle, Cybelle, Idaea, Idaea, Kubele, Kubele, Kybebe, Kybebe, Kybele, Kybele, Lion-and-bee Goddess, Lion-and-bee Goddess, Maia, Maia, Maya, Rosmerta, Great Mother, Great Mother, Ama-arhus, Anaitis, Astarte, Ate, Baba, Hathor, Isis, Ma, Magna Mater, Mami, Mamitu, Mater Turrita, Nekhbet, Meter Dindymene, Meter Dindymene, Dindyme, Dindymene, Dindymus, Dindyme(ne), White Goddess, White Goddess, Artemis, Artemis Caryatis, Belili, Demeter, Freya, Hag of the Mill, Ino, Leucippe, Marpessa, Olwen, Samothea, Gaulish Berecynthia, Gaulish Berecynthia, Ops, Greek Demeter, Greek Demeter, Ceres, Damatar, Dea Dia, Idaean Mother, Idaean Mother, Rhea, Roman Bona Dea, Roman Bona Dea, Sumerian Inanna, Sumerian Inanna, Anat, Aphrodite, Syrian Kubaba, Syrian Kubaba or Sauska.

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