Irish - A sun-god and god of storms. A magician. King of Munster. Son of Daire. Brother of Conganchas. Husband of Blathnat. Father of Lugaid. His fortress, Teamhair Luachra, was said to revolve when Curoi chanted, and its entrance could not be found after the sun had set. In other accounts the fortress was known as Cathair Chon Roi. In the test to decide the Champion of All Ulster, he took the form of a giant and challenged Conall Cearnach, Laoghaire Buadhach and Cuchulainn to a beheading contest. All three beheaded him but only Cuchulainn was prepared to offer his own neck to the axe, so Curoi declared him the champion. When Cuchulainn made a raid on the Otherworld, Curoi helped him for a share of the booty but Cuchulainn failed to keep his promise, so Curoi took all of it, including the maiden Blathnat, whom he married. He became an enemy of Cuchulainn and fought on the side of Maev and Ailill in the war between Connaught and Ulster. His soul was concealed in an apple carried in the stomach of a salmon. Blathnat revealed the secret to Cuchulainn, who had become her lover, and he caught the salmon and retrieved the apple. Blathnat tied her husband to the bed posts by his hair and Cuchulainn cut the apple in half with Curoi's sword, which weakened the king. Cuchulainn then cut off the king's head. Occasionally known as Curoi, Cu Raui, Cu Raui, Cu Roi mac dairi, Cu Roi mac dairi, Cu Rui, Cu Rui, Uath mac Imoman, Uath mac Imoman, Horror, Ulath mac Immomuin, Bricciu, Cu R(a)ui, Cu R(a)ui, Cu Roi mac Dairi, Cu Roi mac Dairi, Uath, Uath, Daolteangach or Ulath.

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