Roman - God of love. Son of Venus by Vulcan. Son of Mercury or Jupiter, some say. Husband of Psyche. Father of Volupta. He carried off the beautiful maiden Psyche and lived with her, coming to her only at night so that she could never see him. He left her when she violated this trust but eventually they were reconciled and Psyche was deified and accepted as Cupid's wife by the other deities. This story is often told with Eros subsituted for Cupid. In some accounts he was carried on the back of a fish to escape the monster Typhon, as was Venus. The pair of them, in the heavens, are represented by the constellation Pisces. He is depicted as a winged god, carrying a bow, who fires arrows into the hearts of those he wishes to become lovers. In some lore, occasionally called Cupid, Amor, Amor, Amurru, Cupido, Cupido, Cupidones, Cupidones, Eros, Eros, Erotes, sacred birds, 'desire', Eleutherios, Protogonos, plur Erotes, Hindu Kama, Roman Amor, Cupid(o), Iao, plurCupidones, plurCupidones, Greek Eros, Greek Eros, Astrild or Kama.

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