Irish - A giant. Chief of the Clan Bascna. Son of Trenmor. Brother of Bodhmhall and Crimnall. Husband of Murna. Father of Finn mac Cool. In some accounts he eloped with Murna when her druid father, Tadhg mac Nuadhat, opposed their marriage. Goll was sent after the fleeing couple and killed Cumaill. Murna bore his son Demna, later known as Finn. Some say he was killed in the Battle of Knock with the Clan Morna by Goll mac Morna, while others say that he was killed by his servant, Arca Dubh, using Cumaill's own sword to kill him while he slept or using a spear to kill him while he was swimming. In some references, identified as Cumaill, Col, Col, Coll, Coll, Comhal, Comhal, Cool, Cool, Cuill, Cuill, Cumal, Cumal, Cumhal, Cumhal, Cumhail, Cumhail, Col(l), Col(l), Cool mac Tremnor, Cool mac Tremnor, Cum(h)al, Cum(h)al, Camulos, Camulos or Roman Mars.

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