General - Crowns, the symbol of sovereigns, made of various materials, appear in many mythologies. Crowns associated with particular persons or deities include: cypress Thanatos fennel Faunus fig Melpomene.Pan flowers Flora and fruit Pomona jewels Virgin Mary grapes Bacchus.Dionysus.Vertumnus ivy Bacchus.Dionysus.Thalia mulberry and olive Mercury laurel Apollo.Calliope.Clio Hygeia.Melpomene lilies Juno myrtle and roses Erato oak leaves Hecate.Jupiter.Zeus olives Athene.Zeus palm leaves Muses pearls Polyhymnia pine twigs Cybele.Pan poplar leaves Faunus poppies Heracles quince blossom Juno rays Apollo.Aurora roses Asia.Virgin Mary stars Thor.Uranis.Virgin Mary sweet marjoram Hymenaeus thorns Jesus vine leaves Bona Dea.Bacchus Dionysus water lilies Faunus.Undine wheat ears Demeter.Vertumnus wool and narcissi Fates Sometimes called crown, coronal or coronal.

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