General - A large black bird. (1) In the lore of the Aborigines, this bird demonstrated the best way to die by rolling its eyes and falling on its back. (2) British stories about Branwen, the sister of Bran, say that she could appear in the form of a crow. (3) In China a three-legged crow is said to live in the sun and sometimes comes to earth to collect herbs. A white-winged crow is regarded as an evil omen. (4) In Greece the crow as regarded as the bird of Apollo and Athena. It was originally white but was changed by Apollo for bringing bad news. In some versions it is the raven that is so treated. (5) Hindu lore regards the crow as a messenger of death. (6) In Irish myths the war-goddess Morrigan was said to appear in the form of a crow. (7) In Japan the crow (called karaso) is thought of as a messenger of the gods. (8) In Malaya the crow is regarded as the soul of a tiger. (9) In North America this bird appears in many legends of the native tribes. (see also sacred birds) Also commonly referred to as crow, Wagu, Wagu, Ga-gaah, Ga-gaah, Hoh, Hoh, Kahk or Kahk.

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