General - An amphibian reptile, covered with bony plates, having powerful jaws. (1) Some African tribes regard this animal as an evil spirit, some as the home of their ancestors, others as a sacred animal not to be killed. (2) Arabs regard the crocodile as having oracular properties. (3) In the East Indies, some tribes say that these beasts house the spirits of ancestors. The Dayaks regard crocodiles as servants of the underworld-gods, the Jata. Some say that men can change into crocodiles by reciting the appropriate formula. (4) In Egypt the crocodile personifies divine reason and is worshipped as such. Some say that it recovered the body of Osiris from the Nile. (5) Hebrew lore regards this animal as unclean. (6) In Malaya it is said that people who fall into a river can become crocodiles, which have a compartment in their stomach to store clothes: a young crocodile that ventures into the forest may become a tiger. (7) In Mexico the crocodile was venerated and not killed. In some lore, occasionally identified as crocodile.

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