Criomhthann Nia Nair

Irish - A king of Ireland. Son of Lugaid Rhiabhdhearg by Clothra, his own mother. He spent several weeks with Nar, a woman of the Otherworld, and returned with many treasures. In some accounts his grandfather was also called Nar and was one of the triplet brothers of Clothra who had slept with her, fathering Lugaid Rhiabhdhearg. He was killed when he fell from his horse. On occassion, called Criomhthann Nia Nair, Crimthann, Crimthann, Criomhthann, Criomhthann, Criomhthann Cas, Criomhthann mac Fiodhaigh, Criomhthann Sciathbheal, Criomthann, Grimthann, Grimthann, Criomhthann or Criomhthann.

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