Criomhthann mac Fiodhaigh

Irish - A king of Munster. He fostered his young cousin, Conall Corc, who was accused of rape by the queen. The king sent him to the court of Fearadhach, the king of the Picts, with a coded message asking him to kill Conall. The message was changed by Conall's friend Gruibne, and Fearadhach not only welcomed Conall but gave him his daughter's hand in marriage. Sometimes referred to as Criomhthann mac Fiodhaigh, Crimthann, Crimthann, Criomhthann, Criomhthann, Criomhthann Cas, Criomhthann Nia Nair, Criomhthann Sciathbheal, Criomthann, Grimthann, Grimthann, Criomhthann or Criomhthann.

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