Greek - A nymph, one of the Naiads. Daughter of Erectheus and Praxithea. Sister of Oreithyia and Procris. Wife of Xuthus. Mother of Achaeus and Ion by Apollo. Mother of Dorus by Xuthus. In one story Creusa was carried away by Apollo who fathered a son, Ion, on her. She abandoned the child in a cave. Later, she married Xuthus but they had no children of their own and went to Delphi to ask the oracle whether they could expect any. They found that the young priest serving in the temple there was Creusa's lost son and were reunited. She was later persuaded that Ion was an illegitimate son of Xuthus and tried to poison him, but Apollo intervened to save him. Ion would then have killed Creusa but the Pythia proved that he was Creusa's son and the rift was healed. Other accounts say that Ion was the natural son of Xuthus and Creusa. Known as Creusa, Glauce, Glauce or Creusa.
Greek - Daughter of Priam and Hecuba. Wife of Aeneas. Mother of Ascanius. She was killed as she and her family were preparing to escape from the Greeks at the fall of Troy. In some references, called Creusa, Glauce, Glauce or Creusa.
Greek - A water nymph. Wife of Hypseus or Peneus. Mother of Cyrene, Daphne and Stilbe. By Peneus. Mother of Hypseus, some say. Sometimes identified as Creusa, Glauce, Glauce or Creusa.

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