Greek - A Trojan maiden. This is the name used for Chryseis in the romance of Troilus and Cressida where, confusingly, she is described as the daughter of Calchas. She was exchanged for a captured Trojan soldier during the siege of Troy and fell in love with the Greek warrior, Diomedes. Her grieving Trojan lover, Troilus, rushed into battle and was killed by Achilles. In an earlier version she is Briseida, daughter of Calchas who defected to the Greeks. She was escorted to join her father by Diomedes who fell in love with her. Eventually Diomedes abandoned her and she became a prostitute, begging for a living. In some references, called Cressida, Chryseis, Chryseis, Khruseis, Cressid, Cressid, Criseyde or Criseyde.

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