Cormac Cond Longes

Irish - Son of Conor mac Nessa and Clothra. Husband of Niam. In some accounts he joined Fergus who, disgusted with his father's murder of Naisi and his brothers, to whom he had promised safe conduct, joined forces with Maev of Connaught and fought on her side in the Cattle Raid of Cooley. He married Niam after the death of her first husband, Conganchas, who was killed by her father. He also had an affair with Sceanb whose jealous husband, Craftiny, had Cormac killed. Others say that he was offered the throne of Ulster when his father died but was killed at the hostel of Da Coga, en route to Tara, by Cet or Corb Gaillne. In some references, known as Cormac Cond Longes, Cormac, Cormac, Cormac Conn Loingeas, Cormac Conn Loingeas, Cormac Connlonges, Cormac Connlonges, Cormac Connloges, Cormac Connloges, Cormac or Cormac.

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