British - Son of Heracles by Galatea, some say. Father of Gwendolen. He had been fathered on a local girl, Galata, by Heracles when Heracles was on his way to Geryon's kingdom to seize his cattle, though some say that Corineus was an exiled Trojan. He was the leader of the Trojans said to be the descendants of those led to Gaul by Antenor. When the descendants of another band of Trojans, who had settled in Greece, now led by Brutus, landed in Gaul en route to Britain, he joined them and sailed north. In Britain he set traps for the native race of giants and killed all he caught. When he finally killed the two-headed Gogmagog by throwing him over a cliff, the remaining giants gave up the fight. Corineus became king of Cornwall. Also known as Corineus, Corin or Corin.

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