Greek - A vegetation goddess who became queen of the underworld. Mother of Corybas, some say. In some stories Persephone is the daughter of Zeus by Rhea, both as serpents. Then Zeus mated with Core to produce Dionysus. In other stories she is the daughter of Zeus by the nymph Styx, and in others Styx is the wife of Hades. Yet another version says that she resulted from the coupling of Poseidon and Demeter, both as horses, but the more usual story is that Core was the daughter of Zeus and Demeter, his own sister. Core was abducted and taken to the underworld by Hades. Demeter learned where her missing daughter was to be found from the burbling of the nymph Arethusa who, in the form of a spring, had passed through the underworld en route to Sicily and had seen Core at the side of Hades. When Demeter blighted the earth to secure her daughter's release, Zeus ordered that she should be returned, provided that she had not eaten any of the food of the dead. Core said she had eaten nothing, but Ascalaphus, a gardener in Hades, said he had seen her eating the seeds of the pomegranate. She was condemned to spend a quarter (or half, in some versions) of each year with Hades as Persephone. As Persephone she was put in charge of the infant Dionysus when Hera reassembled him after he had been torn to pieces by the Titans, and she raised the infant Adonis who was put in her care by Aphrodite and made him her lover. She is depicted as Persephone, holding a torch and a pomegranate. She took over the functions of Arethusa, the nymph who told Demeter about her daughter's abduction, and was then referred to as Core-Arethusa. Also commonly called Core, Anahita, Anahita, Ana-hid, Ana-hita, Immaculate, The, Meter Anahita, The Immaculate, Armenian Anahit, Canaanite Anaitis, Anat, Greek Aphrodite, Athena, Cora, Cora, Mama Cora, Corinna, Corinna, Corinne, Corinne, Kora, Kora, Kore, Kore, Kore-Arethusa, Kore-Arethusa, Koure, Koure, Maiden, The, Maiden, The, Persephone, Persephone, Fersefassa, Hermione, Libera, Persephassa, Phersephatta, Phersephone, Proserpina, Hecate, Hermione, Libera, Pherepatta, Roman Proserpina, Proserpine, Ko(u)re, Ko(u)re, Polyboea, Polyboea, Artemis, The Maiden, The Maiden, The Mistress, The Mistress, Despoena, 'virgin', 'virgin', Persian Anahita, Persian Anahita, Anahit, Anaitis, Aphrodite, Roman Libera or Roman Libera.

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