Conor mac Nessa

Irish - A sky-god. King of Ulster. Son of Fachtna and Nessa. Husband of Maev and Eithne. Brother of Dectera and Fewidhilom. Father of Cormac, Cuscraidh, Diarmaid, Feibh, Fiachra, Folloman and Furbaidhe. Father of the prophetess Fedelma, some say. He was born, some say, on the same day as Jesus, with a worm in each hand, then fell into a river from which he was saved by Cathbad. He was reared as Fachtna's son but was in fact the son of Cathbad who had had an affair with Nessa. When her husband died, Nessa married Fergus mac Roth on condition that he would allow Conor to rule in his place for one year. At the end of that period Conor refused to give up the throne and Fergus went into exile in Connaught. His first wife was Maev. When she left him and married Ailill, Conor married her sister, Eithne. Some say that he later married her two other sisters, Clothra and Mughain. Others say that he fathered Cuchulainn on his sister, Dectera. When Deirdre, daughter of Felim, was born it was prophesied that she would bring trouble to Ulster, and only the intervention of Conor saved her from being put to death. He put her in the charge of a nurse, Lavarcham, until she became old enough to become his wife. She fell in love with Naisi and he, with the help of his brothers Ardan and Ainlé, carried her off to Scotland. In later years Conor granted them all safe conduct to return to Ireland but he broke his word and had them all killed, except Deirdre and Buino who had betrayed them. Conor forced Deirdre to live with him but she hated him and killed herself by throwing herself from a chariot and smashing her head against the rocks when he proposed to give her to Eoghan mac Durthacht. Cathbad prophesied that because of this treachery none of Conor's descendants would inherit the throne of Ulster, a prophecy that proved to be correct. He was killed by the brain-ball fired from a sling by Cet or Conall, dying then or, some say, years later when the ball exploded on the day that Christ was crucified. On occassion, called Conor mac Nessa, Conchobar, Conchobar, Conchobhar, Conchobhar, Conchubar, Conchubar, Conchob(h)ar mac Neasa or Conchob(h)ar mac Neasa.

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